Executive Development & Corporate Change

Coaching outcomes

Coaching Outcomes


Executive coaching is a proven organisational development process that assists executives and teams respond proactively to complex and ever-changing market demands.

The Coaching Company has achieved sustainable results with a wide variety of companies and organisations using coaching as a development methodology in respect of:

  • Leadership Development,
  • Innovation,
  • Strategy Development, and
  • Change Management.

Coaching assists an organisation in achieving maximum value from its human capital - especially those unique individuals whose leadership and vision are critical to the organisation´s ongoing success.

Coaching helps to keep executives and managers focused, goal-directed, incentivised and accountable.

Research shows that companies which deploy Executive Coaching exhibit more effective teams, experience a higher level of morale in these teams and the workplace generally, and display higher levels of productivity.

Coaching also facilitates an important information flow between coachees and the organisation as a whole.

If feedback from the coaching programme is well managed, this process can provide company leadership with invaluable insights into opportunities and challenges facing the business and encourage proactive measures.

The personal, trusted and long-term nature of the coaching relationship also makes it particularly useful in detecting executives unmet professional needs.

Coaching is therefore a useful aid to retain valued executives in today’s fast-paced and transient business market and can serve as an early warning system of the professional concerns of employees.