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Executive Coaching


The Coaching Company offers Executive Coaching to individuals and teams.

A coach is a professional who is highly trained in facilitating business and human process, and assists clients to consider ways by which to maximise their professional potential and increase workplace performance.

Our consultants are trained in a host of tools specifically designed to enhance the coaching process and are matched to an executive based on a proprietary process developed to ensure comfort, trust and increase value for the coaching client.

Coaches meet with clients on a bi-monthly basis in one-on-one, privileged relationships.

The coach and executive will establish parameters and complete a Learning Agreement during the first three months of the coaching process.

As part of this process, we would invite the coachee and his or her team leader to describe the goals or performance levels that they would like to achieve through the coaching process.

This information is captured in the Learning Agreement for regular comparison and feedback on progress.

These goals serve as the skeleton for the coaching process and are built upon and updated in every subsequent session.

Where disruption occurs or the client is unable to achieve assigned tasks, limiting beliefs or behaviour patterns are examined and solutions are sought to ensure that these patterns are effectively addressed.

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