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The Coaching Company specializes in delivering team development workshops to enhance leadership and team-member relationships and improve team performance.

Our work in this regard is influenced by Process Oriented Psychology (also known as Process Work) as developed by Arnold Mindell, Max Shupbach and Stephen Schuitevoerder, the work of Daniel Goleman and Manfred Kets de Vries on the development of Emotional Intelligence for corporate executives and their teams, Bruce Tuckman's work on group theory and the formation and cohesion of teams, Jon Katzenbach and Douglas Smith on the formation and maintenance of High Performance Teams, and Peter Senge on the use of Systems Theory in the context of team development.

The methodology we employ when facilitating a group provides a learning environment in which delegates can enhance their level of self-understanding and learn about how team dynamics might contribute to the challenges currently faced by their team. We also seek to raise awareness around diversity so that all positions and people might feel comfortable in the client environment.

This process is aimed at providing a sustainable solution for a team that finds itself in distress, is unable to express or discuss thoughts or feelings held by the group, or wishes to achieve or maintain a high performance culture.

Each workshop is specifically designed and facilitated to run a client's specific needs and outcomes sought.

We find it useful to design each workshop around some theme or area of interest to a team. Topics that might be chosen include: Leadership Theory and Practice, Leader as Coach, Leading Change, Emotional Intelligence, Managing Diversity, Building High Performance Teams and Managing Workplace Stress.

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