Executive Development & Corporate Change

Noa Rothgiesser Caoching Consultant

Noa Rothgiesser


Noa serves as a Director of The Coaching Company and practices as a Executive Coach, Corporate Facilitator and Psychotherapist. She holds a Masters Degree in Psychology from Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado (USA).

For our corporate clients Noa provides individual and team coaching to managers and executives. She also facilitates team development workshops and designs and delivers The Coaching Company�s various training options (including topics such as emotional intelligence, conflict management, leadership development, stress management, and the development of coaching/mentoring skills in organizations).

Noa also runs a private psychotherapy practice in Cape Town, focusing on adult psychological processes, personal development and relationship counselling. For these services you are welcome to contact her through The Coaching Company.

One of Noa�s areas of specialization is the Mind-Body Relationship. She designed and lectures a course in this area as part of a Counselling and Coaching Training Programme delivered at a local academic institution.

Noa is an internationally published author on Yoga as a mind-body discipline. Titles of her books include the bestseller The Yoga Handbook (over 300,000 copies sold globally) and Yoga for Ideal Weight and Shape.